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NASRAC has completed its final race...Sorry!

NASRAC has completed 30 Full Seasons over the last 8 years. We had over 1,000 races and had a ton of fun! A special thanks to all the mods, without you we wouldn't have made it this far. Final thoughts have been summed up here by the members. Thanks to everyone that played and had fun. You will all be missed.

Link to Race Hub: NASRAC Final Thoughts from the members

-- Kevin Minnelli, NASRAC Admin / Developer / Creator / Owner since 2008

Free online nascar game that gives you to the power to make the decisions and go for the NASRAC cup. Welcome to NASRAC...

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Season 27 will start in September 2012!!! Congratulations to more than 6,000 drivers for making NASRAC the best online racing manager game online. We know there are not many racing manager games but I think NASRAC is a solid start to a great free NASCAR game. I think we are very solid at this stage for free nascar games. We have run 360 regular season races and most minor issues have been fixed. Most free nascar games are just flash games but nasrac is so much more than other racing manager games. I still have a huge amount of development to do in the coming seasons but I am determined to make the best free online nascar games on the web. So please stick with us here at NASRAC as we continue to make more and more progress. In the end we will have designed the best stock car racing manager game online.

Remember is the free online multiplayer Nascar game designed for you! NASRAC runs races every night of the week except Sundays. In June we will start our 24th full race season of 36 races. Many NASCAR Games offer thrills behind your controller or driving wheel, but NASRAC offers you a strategic view into NASCAR. You call the shots as the Driver and Crew Chief. You make the moves that will get you into the Chase to win the Championship. Unlike fantasy NASCAR or online betting where you pick the drivers - you are the driver and have full control over your online nascar experience.

Please feel free to sign up and see what the best nascar game on the web is all about - find out what over 6,000 drivers have experienced in the first 23 seasons. Season 24 is just around the corner and we are looking for as many drivers to fill our NASRAC Intro Series - known internally as the A Series as we promote many of this season best nascar drivers to our AA Series and AAA Series. To learn more, poke around our Forum or News areas and see what separates us from other nascar games and other fantasy nascar games. We think you will love it...

for free and try it first hand now!!!

NASCAR Online Racing Strategy Simulation Game - Free NASCAR Stockcar Racing Manager | Free NASCAR Games | NASRAC

What is NASRAC? How is it different from NASCAR Racing? Fantasy NASCAR? NASCAR Games?

NASRAC stand for North American Stockcar Racing Analytics Competition and it is a Free Online Multiplayer NASCAR Racing Simulation Strategy Game that puts you in the nascar virtual driver seat. This simply means you act as the nascar driver and nascar crew chief. You are the Nascar Manager and Driver (the stock car racing manager) and compete against your friends for bragging rights as to who is the best online nascar driver and stock car race manager. It does not require a graphics card or purchase of any software or any downloads, like other nascar games and free nascar games. NASRAC is not a fantasy nascar game where you pick your favorite driver and win prizes. NASRAC is much better and can be played 365 days a year unlike other nascar fantasy games and online driving nascar games. With NASRAC you just don't need to wait until next weekend to get your NASCAR fix.

NASRAC allows you as the driver and manager to tune the cars setup characteristics and try to make it as fast as possible during practice. Once you feel your car is setup the best you can set it up then you Qualify to see where you will start for the Sunday Showdown. As driver and crew chief you will be able to select a pit strategy for the race, how hard you want to be on tires, how aggressive to be early and late in the race as well make final race adjustments to the car for the start, first quarter, middle and last quarter of the race. If it was any more realistic you would be able to bet on the races.

Sounds to complex? It's not, the car characteristics are not based on exact NASCAR terminology and in the game we don't measure and tweak things in 1/100s of an inch. Instead we use a simple 0-99 scale to help you determine the best setups for the following characteristics -- Engine, Gearing, Splitter, Rear Wing, Tire Pressure, Brakes, Weight Distribution, Track Bar, Springs, Toe and Wedge.

The idea as the image above shows is to Practice, Qualify, Plan your Strategy and Watch the Race results lap by lap or jump straigh to the new standings. We are doing 6 races per week, 36 races, over 6 weeks. The last 2 weeks of the season will follow the NASCAR Chase for the Cup format except we will run the chase with 10 races and 12 drivers who will compete for the NASRAC Cup. A Champion will be crowned in each Division which can hold up to 60 drivers.

NASRAC is almost out of BETA and we will be one of the best online NASCAR games on the web

I am currently in "BETA" development and have spent several thousands of hours making the best online nascar game possible. I have had several experts helping me on car characteristics and technical aspects of a race car. I even have a great driver from the Nascar Technical Institute helping me out on many aspects of the game. I have had other online game developers provide feedback about the nascar game. Nascar Racing games are becoming harder to find and NASRAC offers the best online racing game for free.

So go ahead and sign up, join the forum, get a Driver ID to be a NASRAC racer, it's FREE. We have lots of conversations going in the forums and would love feedback. Thanks in advance and I look forward to bringing you all the best online NASCAR simulation game the web has to offer. Okay rfactor, Race 07, Nascar 09 are going to be cooler and prettier - but you can't play those at work or school. NASRAC is the stock car racing manager dream. You can change several car components to make you nascar racing experience fun.


Please USE FULL NAME when Registering

Note - Clicking REGISTER will take you to the secured forum registration process and the page will look different. This was the best choice for security and combining our game with the forum and private message areas.

UPDATE - End goal - you practice, qualify, set up race strategy and do a few more races like that up to 6 in the future. Every night or 6 a week I will run the results. You will be able to check the Lap by Lap play back or go straight for the results. From there you can see where you are in the standings. You will always be able to go back and change your race strategy prior to me kicking off the race every evening. The first season was great.

Right now Season 24 is underway. The promotions have happened for all the drivers who have shown interest and participation. Please note that practice or qualifying is not available during the off season but please go check out our friends at GPRO Racing who have supported us from day one. They are an online manager game like nasrac.. I think they are one of the best online racing manager games online if you really want to get into the details of forumula one. It's a solid online F1 game every fantasy racing fan should check out.

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