***Hall of Fame Driver/Owner Biographies***

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***Hall of Fame Driver/Owner Biographies***

Postby Tim » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:52 am

NASRAC Hall of Fame Driver/Owner Biographies


By: JD Newsome
The NASRAC Hall of Fame was started in Season Six by Phillip Bupp. Since that time, it has been filled with NASRAC drivers and owners who have influenced the game and accomplished extraordinary things in their careers. These accomplishments range from the ultimate driver's goal of being an AAA1 champion, to the owner's goal of winning the TC. It all requires hard work and dedication, and all of these individuals have had just that to make their name a known one throughout the entire game. Everyone who is anyone is in the Hall of Fame. Let's start with the first class, Season Six.

1.) Johnny Williams, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Six
By: Tim Reeve
Johnny joined NASRAC in June of 2008, a full two months before the first ever official NASRAC Races were run. He was one of several members who helped Kevin as a BETA Tester when he was developing the first code for the game. Johnny had a good first season and 20 races in he formed X2X Motorsports, the team had one simple goal to be the best. The team was a 4 car effort of Johnny, fellow Hall of Famers Tim Reeve and Aaron Bean, along with James Johnson. Johnny and the team were immediately in a rivalry with the infamous Philip Hampton and his PH Motorsports team, however it was a short lived as PH was banned shortly thereafter. Johnny finished out the season in 5th place in A1 while the rest of the team finished in the top 9. Season 2 saw Johnny have a rough season in AA soldiering home in 21st place in the standings and the X2X team as a whole struggled with only Aaron in the chase. It was good enough for Johnny to be promoted to the new AAA division (Being that this was the first season for AAA the top 25 from each AA division was promoted) which is where he and X2X showed they were the best. Johnny won 9 races en route to the Season 3 AAA championship, a mark that still stands today and one that he maintained made him the best of all time despite several lackluster seasons. Season 4 was marred with bad luck as he didn't visit victory lane and finished 13th in points, but Tim Reeve picked up 4 wins on his way to winning the championship giving X2X the first two AAA titles. Also prior to Season 4 he created the Team Challenge to prove that X2X was the best, especially since the rivalry with PH was back in force after he was reinstated. X2X would win the challenge every season until season 8. Season 5 saw Johnny miss a lot of races and come home in 25th place in the standings, he retired at the end of season 5 saying he didn't have time to run competitively. He made a brief return to Nasrac in Season 8 before going inactive after 10 races, to this day no one has heard from him. Johnny shocked the NASRAC community when he returned over 3 years later only to go inactive once again before he completed a full season in A1.

Johnny always maintained that he was the best and was not afraid to tell anyone he was better than them, and it made him one of the most liked people in NASRAC. His drive to win everything attitude has never been matched by any driver or owner since and the hole left will likely never be filled.


- X2X Motorsports Founder and Leader for Seasons 1-5, 8
- First Ever AAA1 Champion (Season 3 as both an Owner & Driver)
- First Ever Multiple-Time AAA1 Winner
- 11 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 21st All-Time)
- 2 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 96th All-Time)
- 34 AAA1 T5's (47th All-Time)
- 48 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 58th All-Time)
- Record 9 Win AAA1 season (Season 3)
- Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductee
- Team Challenge Creator
- Global Moderator Season 2-8


2.) Kevin Minnelli, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Six
By: JD Newsome
Kevin Minnelli is the founder and owner of this great game we play called NASRAC. He has been here from the beginning, and will be here until NASRAC shuts down (which hopefully never happens). He has not run every race, however, but in the races he has ran, he has won 32 times. He also has three AAA1 division titles, more than anybody else. He has never won a championship outside of the AAA1 division. He also has four runner-up finishes in AAA1, which is also more than anybody else. In Season 5, he won his first title with 2 wins and 10 top five finishes, which of course is a decent statistical season, but it gets even better. In Season 7, he won again, this time with 7 wins and 11 top fives. 7 wins is the second most all time in an AAA1 season, to Johnny Williams. In Season 14, however, he returned from a slight leave of absence to win the title once again. This time, he wasn’t the powerhouse that we knew him to be before, but he was more consistent than anyone on the track, becoming the first ever AAA1 champion to not win a race that season. That was his last full time season, and he hasn’t returned to racing since. But when he does, he will be stronger than ever, and I’m sure will have no problem getting that fourth title. Thank you, Kevin, for providing us with an outstanding game to play!


- Owner/Founder/Manager of NASRAC
- Only 3x AAA1 Champion (S5, S7, S14)
- 30 AAA1 Wins (1st All-Time)
- 18 AAA1 Poles (8th All-Time)
- 100 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 4th All-Time)
- 164 AAA1 T10's (9th All-Time)
- Head NASRAC Admin & Founder of NASRAC
- Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductee
- Most Consecutive AAA1 seasons with a win (11)
- First Driver to Win a AAA1 Race From the Pole


3.) Phillip Bupp, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Six
By: Zach Coleman, JD Newsome & updated by Nick DeGroot
Phillip Bupp began his NASRAC career in Season 2 in the A9 division, he ran as an independent his first season. He joined 1Up Motorsports in Season 3, and in Season 4 he joined X2X where he finished 3rd in points in his rookie season in AAA1. He also had 2 wins that season. He became the leader of X2X Motorsports in Season 6 and maintained the position through Season 7; he also won the AAA1 Daytona 500 that season. During Season 7, the MCM/Imetater controversy began, and MCM was put up for grabs for others who wished to lead it. Phillip took it over, renamed it into Bupp Enterprises, and led both that team and X2X during that season. At the end of the season, he left X2X to build his new team up from the ground, since many members from the old MCM team had left. BE has won multiple championships, including two AAA1 titles, and the Team Challenge 3 times. To this day the team is performing very well, but without Phillip at the helm, since he has partially retired. The team is now named Burnout Enterprises. Bupp returned after a short break & rejoined X2X Motorsports. He immediately found success winning the AA1 title in S23 & he then followed that up by finishing a close 2nd in the AAA standings in S24. After 20 seasons & nearly 4 years of effort, Phillip was finally able to win the AAA1 championship in Season 26 by a fairly large margin over coffee black. He also became the 2nd ever Triple Crown Champion (Won titles in A, AA & AAA) and the first ever Grand Slam champion! (Won titles in A, AA & AAA as a driver & as an owner) Phillip Bupp is definitely one of the best drivers, team owners and moderators in the history of the game & is highly respected throughout the whole NASRAC community.


- Owner and founder of Bupp Enterprises; Former X2X Leader
- Inaugural Hall of Fame member
- 18 AAA1 wins (Tied for 12th All-Time)
- 15 AAA1 poles (Tied for 12th All-Time)
- 95 AAA1 Top 5's (8th All-Time)
- 193 AAA1 Top 10's (Tied for 5th All-Time)
- Won Season 7 AAA1 Daytona 500
- 5x Team Challenge champion as an Owner and only person to have won with multiple teams
- 2x AAA1 champion as an Owner
- Former Global Moderator
- Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductee
- Second ever Triple Crown Champion (Won titles in A, AA & AAA)
- First ever Grand Slam Champion (Won titles in A, AA & AAA as a driver & as an owner)
- Most Starts in AAA1 History (792)


4.) Tim Reeve, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Six
By: Cody Johnson & updated by Nick DeGroot
Tim joined NASRAC prior to Season 1. To start his extraordinary career, he won the second ever NASRAC race at Auto Club Speedway. He then went on to form the first team in NASRAC history by joining Philip Hampton's PH Motorsports. The partnership only lasted from Race 10 until Race 19 when Tim parted ways with Hampton to join the new X2X Motorsports team along with fellow HoFers Johnny Williams and Aaron Bean. He finished the season 2nd in points behind Adam Lyons. Season 2 marked struggles for Tim but he rebounded in the later part of the season to win 9 races and finish 13th in points. In Season 3, Tim went on to finish 6th in points scoring 2 wins. He went on to win the AAA Championship in season 4, picking up 4 wins and holding off NASRAC creator Kevin Minnelli. In Season 5, he finished 6th in points again with 3 wins, and then promptly retired for Season 6. After a short absence, Tim returned to NASRAC as a member of X2X Motorsports and Team Leader of Front Runners United which was created to be a feeder team for X2X to develop new talent. He struggled by his standards in his return season, scoring only 1 win and finishing 15th in points in Season 7. In Season 8, he saw nearly identical results to the prior season. In Season 9 Darthclay joined TR Motorsports which had been renamed following Season 7. The team was renamed Sith Racing in Season 9, while Darthclay took charge of the team. Tim took a backseat at Sith while he took over the leadership of X2X Motorsports Season 8, and he won his first AAA championship as an owner with driver, Black Mamba. In season 9 he made his return to the chase along with all of his X2X teammates and finished solidly in 7th in points. In Season 10, Tim missed the chase again and finished 16th in points, but his driver, Defender, won the AAA Championship for X2X Motorsports, bringing Tim his second AAA title as an owner. Also in Season 10, he joined the Mod team, and he left Sith Racing solely in the hands of Darthclay.

In Season 11, Reeve was able to score his first multi win season since season 5, scoring 3 wins. He also made a mid-season move from X2X to 1Up/Bailey. He finished 8th in points in season 12, and came back to true form in season 13, winning his second AAA championship putting him among the most elite drivers in history. He joined Johnny Williams as the only two members to have won the championship as an owner/driver at that time. He parted ways with Speed of Light Racing after season 13 and moved to Bupp Enterprises. Season 14 was riddled with controversy between Tim and Henderson Racing that led him to skip 7 races and still finish 29th in points. He made his return to team leadership for season 15 with 1Up Motorsports, but this stint was short-lived as he parted ways with the team mid-season. Shortly thereafter, he became the first ever NASRAC Admin (besides Kevin). In Season 15, In Season 16, Reeve struggled to a 43rd place points finish and was forced to use a Past Champions Provisional to stay in AAA for the following season. In Season 17, he joined Checkered Flag Motorsports and finished 23rd in points. He followed that up with a 24th place points finish in Season 18, but would remain winless since Season 14, prompting a move to Burnout Enterprises where he would remain for just 1 season. Tim went indy after S19 before he rejoined X2X for his final season in S22. He finished 18th in points & was unable to snap his long winless streak before his retirement. NASRAC started to become dull on the forums a few seasons after Tim left so he decided to return in S26 & do what he does best, stir the pot. Most NASRAC rules were wiped out & changed & a new "Boys have at it" policy was implemented much like NASCAR. Tim joined DeGroot Brothers Racing mid-season winning his first race with them in A1. He returned to AAA in S27 but has failed to snap his near record winless streak.


- Founding Member X2X Motorsports
- 2x AAA1 Champion (Season 4 & Season 13)
- Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductee
- 19 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 9th All-Time)
- 10 AAA1 Poles (Tied 27th All-Time)
- 100 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 4th All-Time)
- 196 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 2nd All-Time)
- Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductee
- NASRAC Administrator (1 of Only 3 in Game History)
- 3x AAA1 Championship Owner (S8, S10 & S13)


5.) Bobby Bailey, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Six
By: JD Newsome
Bobby Bailey, the "King of Partnerships", as he has sometimes been called, has really brought a lot of good change to the NASRAC game, even though many don't see it. He brought the team Bailey Motorsports into existence, which today houses many drivers from all divisions. He is also partially responsible for starting Redline, which today is a small but competitive team that is always up front, no matter what. Bobby started racing in NASRAC in Season 1 in the A5 division, where he finished 5th with 3 wins, and to this day that remains his best ever points finish. He moved up to AA1 in Season 2, finishing 16th with 1 win, then to AAA1 for Season 3, where he won the first ever AAA1 race. That was his only win that season, and he finished 27th in points. For the next 7 seasons, he remained in AAA1 but was in and out of activity, winning only 3 more times and finishing mostly between 30th and 45th in points. In Season 11 he was demoted to AA1 where he hoped to regain the glory he had before and move back up to AAA1, but he only won once and finished 30th in the points. He ran A1 for the next two seasons, finishing 6th in Season 13 with 3 wins, enough to get him back to AA1. He didn't win at all in Season 14 or 15, however, and remained in AA1 until after Season 15 where he was demoted to A2. He was in and out of activity again, and finished 17th. He was moved to A1 the next season, and finished 7th there in Season 17, enough to get him back to AA1 in Season 18. That is where he currently stands, and will most likely not be promoted to AAA1 in Season 19. Bobby is not quite known for his driving abilities, but as I mentioned before, he has had an impact on the game. He was a moderator for at least ten seasons, and had a hand in the banning of imetater. He is currently active sometimes and some not, but we all hope he is able to sort out his personal issues and come join us again full time. He joined Chase Motor Sports before he would retire from NASRAC around season 18. After taking close to a 10 season break, Bobby returned in S27 with Dark Night Autosport where he would end up leading their developmental program.


- 4 AAA1 Wins (Tied For 59th All-Time)
- 11 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 23rd All-Time)
- 13 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 93rd All-Time)
- 28 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 86th All-Time)
- Founder of Bailey Motorsports
- Former Moderator for 10+ Seasons
- Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductee
- Won the First Ever AAA1 Daytona 500 (S3)


6.) Kashvinder Mann, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Seven
By: Michael Finley & updated by Nick DeGroot
The Kashmann is one of the best. Invited by Kevin to be a "Beta Tester", Kash started out without a team, but joined PH Motorsports. After the infamous PH Motorsports got renamed to 1UP as a result of Phillip Hampton's first ban, Kash spent a couple seasons as an independent, until just before S4, when he joined X2X. His career exploded, thanks to follow Hall of Famers Phillip Bupp, Johnny Williams, Aaron Bean, and Tim Reeve's help and guidance. According to Kash himself, "This is when X2X became an unstoppable force, winning both championships that season". At the start of S6, Johnny, Aaron, and Tim all left X2X, leaving many to think X2X would step down as the dominant team in NASRAC. Under the leadership of Phillip Bupp, Kash won his first AAA1 championship, turning skeptics into believers. The next two seasons, Kash didn't make the Chase, for the first time in his NASRAC career but he won 8 races, including 6 in S8, where he made the most money in AAA1, despite not making the Chase. After a chase run in S9, where he won 2 races and finished 8th, Kash had his worst season in S10, finishing 18th with only 1 win. However, in the very next season, Kash defied all odds and won his 2nd AAA1 championship, becoming just the 2nd person to ever win 2 AAA1 Championships. After finishing 10th the following season, Kash announced he was leaving NASRAC to go join the army. At the end of S15, Kash surprised everyone by returning to NASRAC. Over the off season, he made an even bigger surprise, leaving X2X and rejoining Phillip Bupp at Bupp Enterprises, one of the premier teams in NASRAC. Kash would struggle in his return with a best points finish of 13th & he went winless his final 2 seasons before retiring again at the end of S21. He left BE at the end of S20 & ran his final season with his old team, X2X. At the conclusion of Season 26, Kash announced on the NASRAC Race Hub that he will return to race again in S27. He was able to make the AA chase in his comeback season & returned to AAA1 in S28; he finished 32nd in points & went winless.


- 2x AAA Champion (Season 6 & 11)
- 26 AAA Wins (3rd All-Time)
- 12 AAA Poles (Tied 16th All-Time)
- 91 AAA T5's (9th All-Time)
- 171 AAA T10's (8th All-Time)
- Season 5 AAA1 Daytona 500 Winner
- 3x AAA1 Brickyard 400 Winner


7.) Joffrey Gaetz, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Seven
By: Tim Reeve & updated by Nick DeGroot
Joffrey joined NASRAC in the beginning. Joffrey would run as an independent in his first season finishing 5th in points in A3, for season two he would join the Rich Youngs' led 1Up Motorsports. He would go on to finish 3rd in AA1 points that season and would remain with 1Up through the leadership switch of Philip Hampton taking the team back over. Joffrey would move on to AAA for season 3 but would never see the success in AAA that he had in AA and A. With finishes of 14th and 30th in points in seasons 3 and 4, Season 5 had a more positive outlook for Joffrey. He would take over 1Up Motorsports after Garry Smith would break off from the team to start Front Runners United and Philip Hampton was banned permanently. It would be his best AAA season where he would pick up his first and only AAA win at the Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono, that season he would finish 14th in points. In season 6 Joffrey would join the Mod Team becoming the third member of it joining Johnny Williams and Bobby Bailey. The rest of Joffrey's AAA career would be a struggle with finishes of 23rd, 30th, 41st, 49th, and 46th in points. His team would begin to struggle during season 8 as Joffrey was busy with school and could not devote the time to it that it needed, the loss of Darthclay at the end of season 8 to Tim Reeve's Sith Racing team was a devastating blow. The 1Up team would merge with the struggle Bailey Motorsports to form 1Up/Bailey Motorsports for season 9. Joffrey would retire at the end of season 10 before making an attempt at returning in season 13 but would go inactive again in season 14 and would pass the remains of what was then called Speed of Light Racing on to Michael Finley. Joffrey's tenure as a mod would end at the end of season 15 when Tim Reeve became admin and released the inactive members from the mod team. He planned a season 19 return to NASRAC with MadFin Motorsports which eventually became DeGroot Brothers Racing. Joff won DBR their first ever NASRAC race in S21 taking the checkered flag in the AA1 Daytona 500 before he was released for inactivity half-way through the season. He has yet to return.


- 3rd ever NASRAC Mod
- Former Team Leader of 1Up Motorsports, 1Up/Bailey Motorsports and Speed of Light Racing.
- 1 AAA1 Win (Tied for 125th All-Time)
- 4 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 67th All-Time)
- 14 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 85th All-Time)
- 48 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 58th All-Time)


8.) Jeremy Alsop, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Nine
By: Jeremy Madrigal & updated by Nick DeGroot
Jeremy Alsop has driven in Nasrac since the beginning of Season 2, the self-proclaimed Mr. Awesome has made stops in the X2X, BE, OCW and Sith garages. During Jeremy's time at Sith he was a Team Leader and Owner and has had many drivers come through and become great drivers during their stints and Sith. Jeremy has compiled 10 wins in his career all of which came in AAA1, Jeremy also has started from the pole 9 times in his illustrious career. Jeremy has said that he wants to get to 1000 AAA starts before he would consider retiring from the game, so expect to see the name up front plenty more times. Jeremy was at Front Runners United in Season 5, X2X in Seasons 6-7, Bupp Enterprises in Seasons 8-9, OcW Racing in Seasons 10-11 (Team Owner), Bupp Enterprises in Seasons 11-13. He then joined Sith in S14 where he would remain for 5 or 6 seasons before bouncing around between CMS & CFM before ending up at Burnout Enterprises for almost a full season. He joined the newly formed Burns Racing team for S26 but he didn't think he would run the full schedule so he left them to run as a part-time indy in AA before he stopped playing completely.


- 11 AAA1 Wins(Tied for 21st All-Time)
- 11 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 23rd All-Time)
- 66 AAA1 T5's (17th All-Time)
- 143 AAA1 T10's (13th All-Time)
- Former Team Owner and Leader of Sith Racing
- Record for most consecutive seasons in AAA1 (20)
- Former Global Moderator


9.) Aaron Bean, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Ten
By: Tim Reeve
Aaron Bean was one of the very first members of NASRAC. Despite his relatively short career consisting of 1 A, 1 AA, and 3 AAA seasons during seasons 1-5 he was very successful in his time. Aaron began his first season as an independent in A1, at Race 20 He would join Johnny Williams, Tim Reeve, and James Johnson as the four founding members of what would become the greatest team in NASRAC History, X2X Motorsports. He would finish that season in A1 with 1 pole, 1 win, 10 Top 5s, and 21 Top 10s and finished 4th in points. While that may not be very impressive by todays standards it was then as A would have had 30+ active members. The following season in the then new AA division Aaron would carry the banner for X2X as both Tim Reeve and Johnny Williams would have early season struggles that would keep them out of the chase and James Johnson would go inactive part way through the season. He would finish Season 2 with 1 pole, 4 wins, 11 Top 5s, and 16 Top 10s in 9th place in points. The following season would be the inaugural AAA season in which the three man X2X team would show what they were made of winning 15 of 36 races, Aaron accounted for 4 of those wins along with 15 Top 5s and 21 Top 10s en route to finish 7th in points (The worst of the X2X cars that season). In season 4 he would go on to win 4 races along with 10 Top 5s and 12 Top 10s but late season struggles would relegate him to 12th in points. Season 5 would roll around and shortly into the season Aaron would retire from NASRAC to focus on his Batracer Clan despite winning a race early in the season. Aaron has not returned to NASRAC since then, however it is likely that if he had continued racing he likely would have joined his teammates and fellow founding members Johnny Williams and Tim Reeve in claiming his own AAA Championship.


- Founding Member of X2X Motorsports
- 8 AAA1 Wins (Tied 39th All-Time)
- 27 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 53rd All-Time)
- 35 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 76th All-Time)
- Only NASRAC HOF'er that never won a pole


10.) Elliott Henderson, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Eleven
By: kyle-rowdy-busch, JD Newsome & updated by Nick DeGroot
Elliott’s career started in Season 3 in the A9 group. He ran independent that season, but joined MCM for Season 4. Then for S5 he joined Front Runners United, but he didn't like it there either, so he went to Y&F Motorsports for Season 6. He had instant success, winning 3 races that season. He then left Y&F to start Henderson Racing in Season 7, and had a phenomenal AAA1 rookie season, finishing 3rd in points. But his dreams would soon fade by having 6 winless seasons. Season 15 would turn things around for him and the team, however. Here, Elliott won 2 more races and found his way back into the chase. During this stretch, Elliott created over 4 accounts in order to find winning aspects for him and the future of Henderson Racing, which helped the team's progress tremendously. Elliott began making comments that he would be leaving the HR team & in March of 2012, Henderson Racing folded & from the ashes came Dark Night Autosport. EH moved on to X2X hoping to rejuvenate his career and after a few seasons in AA, he returned to the big leagues in S24 winning a race but failed to get a great finish points wise. In the past few seasons, EH has stated many times that he was retiring but never actually did...he plans to retire at the conclusion of S29.


- Finished 3rd in points in AAA1 as a rookie
- 8 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 36th All-Time)
- 8 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 32nd All-Time)
- 55 AAA1 T5's (23rd All-Time)
- 123 AAA1 T10's (19th All-Time)
- Won AA1 Daytona 500 (Season 14)
- 8x A division Champion (2nd Most All-Time)
- 12 Owner titles (2 in AA & 10 in A)
- 2x TC and KOC Championship Owner with Henderson Racing
- Former NASRAC Moderator
- Former Member of the NASRAC Historical Society


11.) Black Mamba, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twelve
By: Trevor Sells & updated by Nick DeGroot
Black Mamba joined Nasrac in season 4, joining X2X mid-season six. He had a lackluster rookie season, finishing 31st in A7, with just one top 10. The next season, he began a streak of dominance, finishing 3rd in A2, with 2 wins, and 27 top 10s. This was enough to move him up to AA1 for season 6, where he finished 9th, with no wins, but 11 top 10s. He advanced to AAA in season 7, finishing 7th in points, with no wins, but a strong 12 top 5's and 13 top 10's. He followed it up in season 8 with his first and only championship, with 1 win, 11 top 5's, and 19 top 10's. In season 9, he followed his championship up with another strong points finish, placing 5th. In season 10, Black Mamba hit a wall, finishing 21st in points in AAA, with 2 wins and 9 top 10s. Season 11 showed another chase bid for Black Mamba, in which he finished 12th in points, netting 1 win, 4 top 5's, and 8 top 10's. Beginning in season 12, he began a slump, finishing 46th in points, going winless, and only scoring 5 top 10's. He followed it up by finishing 44th in season 13, with no top 10's. In season 14, he found himself back down in A1, where he finished 2nd in points, losing the championship at the very end, with 8 wins, 28 top 5's, and 32 top 10's. This launched him back up to AAA for season 15, where he finished 18th in points, with no wins, 2 top 5's, and 7 top 10's. Season 16 was another mediocre season, where he finished 15th, with 4 top 5's, and 6 top 10's. He went on in season 17 to finish 16th, with 2 wins, 2 top 5's, and 9 top 10's. In season 18 he finished 42nd, with no wins, two top 5's, and five top 10's. He retired at the end of season 18 due to the monotony of the game. He remained on the X2X roster for quite some time until defender finally made the tough decision to release the AAA champion from the team around S20 due to inactivity.


- Member of X2X Motorsports from Season 6 to Season 18
- Season 8 AAA1 Champion
- 7 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 47th All-Time)
- 1 AAA1 Pole (Tied for 135th All-time)
- 47 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 31st All-Time)
- 92 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 29th All-Time)


12.) kyle-rowdy-busch, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Thirteen
By: Nick DeGroot
KRB has been a member of NASRAC for over 2 years. Rowdy's first season was Season 5 with Bailey/1Up. Very quickly though, KRB found himself in an ownership position, taking over Redline with the help of Bobby Bailey. The team was then renamed Go-Daddy Motorsports. Then he began work on the now well known AAA1 Challenge with fellow HOF'er Joff Gaetz. He ended up winning the S9 AAA1 Challenge. S8-S10 he found himself at Henderson Racing. He finally won his first AAA race in S10 at Loudon. By coincidence, he ended up finding himself leading Redline again in S11 and would remain there through S16. His best season came in S13 where won the 4th of July Daytona race and ended up 16th in the standings and was inducteed into the NASRAC HOF. S14 though, went very bad for KRB. Instead of battling his competitors on the track he had to battle a much scarier and dangerous thing, KRB was diagnosed with cancer. Since then KRB has run partial schedules in NASRAC while he fights for his life. He came back full time and ready to go again in S18 pulling off 2 wins before the cancer would sideline him again for this upcoming season. He returned in S20 though & ran as an independent. KRB joined CFM the following season & then moved to DeGroot Brothers Racing at the start of season 22 where he would remain for 2 seasons. He won the inagural AAA race at Kentucky Speedway in S23 before taking another 1 season break. Going into S26, KRB teamed back up with his old team, CFM hoping to make a run at the AA championship. CFM is no more & KRB's old team, Redline Performance Racing has come back from the dead. He became the TL along with RangerRic and in S28, he finally made his first ever chase finishing 12th.


- Founding Member of Redline Performance Racing/Go-Daddy Motorsports
- 9 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 33rd All-Time)
- 2 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 96th All-Time)
- 39 AAA1 T5's (41st All-Time)
- 90 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 33rd All-Time)
- 4x A Division Champion (S11, S12, S16, S23)
- S20 AA2 Champion
- Created AAA1 Challenge
- Former Member of NASRAC Historical Society
- Won the Inagural AAA1 Race at Kentucky Speedway (S23)


13.) kenny55, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Fourteen
By: JD Newsome
Kenny55 was a great person, leader and driver. He joined NASRAC from the beginning, in Season 1 in the A3 division, winning once and finishing 15th in points. He moved up to race against the big boys in Season 2 in AA1, but had a dismal showing of 24th with no wins and only 1 top five. He moved up to AAA1 in Season 3 to run in the division's premire season, but had an even worse effort with a finish of 31st and no wins. He spent the next two seasons experimenting with setups, finishing 34th in Season 4 and 23rd in Season 5, and finally figured it out in Season 6. That seasons, he won once and made the chase, finishing 8th. This stood as his best ever AAA1 finish. He continued racing in AAA1 until Season 11, and even though he did not have a points finish during that time better than 22nd, he won multiple times. After Season 11, he and his wife, Joyce, who owned KVJ Racing at the time, retired partially due to Kenny's health problems. We received word not long ago from Joyce that Kenny had passed away, leaving NASRAC in dismay and shock. Nobody knew at the time why the two had retired. He has been honored with many small memorials in the game, but the biggest was when he was inducted into the NASRAC Hall of Fame. Rest in peace Kenny, and we all hope to see you again one day!


- 4 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 59th All-Time)
- 6 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 49th All-Time)
- 17 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 76th All-Time)
- 48 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 58th All-Time)
- Former Co-Leader of KVJ Racing
- One of the first NASRAC Racers in Season 1


14.) Dimage25, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Fifteen
By: Greg B & updated by Nick DeGroot
Dimage25 began his NASRAC career at the end of season 6 in July, 2009. He competed in the final race of the season and finished 12th. He started his first full season as an independent driver and after a couple of races, Kyle Rowdy Busch invited him to join Go Daddy Motorsports. He competed in A2 and stayed in the top 12 nearly all season. A big highlight was his first win at New Hampshire. His first chase was a great learning experience, and also was punctuated with another win at Talladega and a 4th place finish in the standings. In season 8, Go Daddy closed its doors and Dimage moved on to Henderson Racing and competed at the AA level. It was a down season, with frustration at missing the chase, but the season did net him his first AA win at Dover and a promotion (to his surprise) to AAA for Season 9. Wanting to start the season off well and make an impact he was crushed with a 45th place finish at Daytona. However, showing the will of a Hall of Famer, he bounced back the very next race with a huge win. A win in his second start in AAA was quite an accomplishment. The win propelled him to another win at Daytona for payback in July and a spot in the chase in his rookie AAA season. He did not win the championship that season, finishing 9th, but a rookie in the chase was a great way to end the season. Since his rookie AAA season, he has been to victory lane 9 more times over the past 6 seasons, but the chase has eluded him. After leaving Henderson Racing, he moved to Bupp Enterprises for the next 3 seasons.

He then had an opportunity and decided to join Bobby Bailey and Ben Sanderson to lead Bailey Motorsports into a new era. Things did not go well, however, and after 24 races, the team had fallen apart. Sanderson left, and Bobby made Dimage the sole team leader. With some signings, he was able to right the ship and build a solid team for Season 16. Afer a couple seasons leading Bailey, dimage began to lose interest in the game which hurt the team. Bailey Motorsports closed it's doors at the end of S18 & dimage got an offer from Chris Zucco to join Checkered Flag Motorsports in season 19. He found instant success finishing 8th in points after 4 straight seasons of being in the 30's. When the member limit was brought down to 10, the massive CFM team had to split up. Zucco created Full Throttle Racing & Dimage joined him where he remained until he went inactive in S27.


- 15 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 16th All-Time)
- 21 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 4th All-Time)
- 70 AAA1 T5's (15th All-Time)
- 125 AAA1 T10's (17th All-Time)
- Team Leader of Bailey Motorsports for Many Seasons
- S22 AAA1 Daytona 500 Winner


15.) Flash, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Fifteen
By: Terry Rode II & updated by Nick DeGroot
Flash began his NASRAC career in Season 4 in the A6 division where he finished the season 6th in points with 2 wins that season. He was promoted to the AA2 division where he finished a close 2nd in the championship standings, racking up 4 wins, 12 top 5's and 19 top 10's in the process. In his third NASRAC season, Flash made it to the elite AAA division where in his rookie season, he finished 3rd in the points behind 2 fellow Hall of Fame members, Kashvinder Mann and Kevin Minelli. Seasons 7 and 8 were winless seasons for Flash, yet despite no wins, he still made the chase in Season 8 and finished 9th in points. In Season 9, Flash finally won his first NASRAC championship when he held off clouse1 by just a mere 20 points. Flash has finished in the top 10 in AAA points standings 6 out of the 10 seasons he has races in AAA. Flash was demoted after he struggled in S16 & he spent 3 seasons in AA before finally making it back to the big leagues. His return didn't go so well with points finishes of 48th, 47th & 47th before returning back to AA where he remains to this day. After a few seasons at BE, he was released when Gary P. took over. Flash joined the historic X2X Motorsports team for Season 27 where he hoped to finally claw his way back to AAA which he was able to do.


- Season 9 AAA1 champion
- 9 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 33rd All-Time)
- 17 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 9th All-Time)
- 67 AAA1 T5's (16th All-Time)
- 118 AAA1 T10's (21st All-Time)


16.) Alan Snyder, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Sixteen
By: JD Newsome
Alan Snyder is one of the best, most dedicated members in the game we call NASRAC. He started in Season 2 in the A13 division, finishing 12th in points. This was good enough to promote him to AA2 in Season 3, where he finished 7th with one win. He moved up to AAA1 the next season, made the chase and finished 10th, marking his first successful season in the big leagues. He hicupped the next season though, finished 32nd, and was demoted to AA1. This was no harm to him, however, he finished Season 6 out with a 4th place points run, extremely good. He was promoted again in Season 7, but did even worse this time, finishing 37th. He did win a race that season, however. He was demoted again, and once again finished 4th in AA1 in Season 8. He promoted again, and finished 29th in AAA1, considerablely better than most of his prior attempts. In Season 10, he stayed in AAA1, but finished 36th with 3 poles. He gathered himself up, and finished 10th once again in AAA1 in Season 11. He remained in AAA1 for another season, but was demoted to AA1 once again, finishing 14th in Season 13. He was not promoted, but finished 8th in Season 14 in the same division, and was promoted once again. In Season 15, he had his breakout season, leading the AAA1 points for much of the season and losing the title by a slim margin, finishing 3rd with 3 wins. He won another race in Season 16, but finished 18th in points. He still remains in AAA1, doing quite well with Burnout Enterprises. The teams he was on started with Bailey, then he moved to Y&F Motorsports for a while before moving indepedent for a season, and then joined Bupp before retiring from the game. Alan is a great racer, statistics manager and person.


- 6 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 51st All-Time)
- 10 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 27th All-Time)
- 44 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 37th All-Time)
- 77 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 42nd All-Time)
- Former Co-Leader of Y&F Motorsports


17.) Diego Gonzalez, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Seventeen
By: Cody Johnson & updated by Nick DeGroot
In just 8 short seasons, Diego Gonzalez has scored 19 AAA wins, tying him for 3rd All-Time with 2 Time AAA Champion, Tim Reeve, and showing that he is one of the all-time greats of NASRAC. Diego Gonzalez began his historic career in Season 8 in the A4 division. During that first season, he racked up an amazing 11 poles, 7 wins, 31 Top 5’s, and 33 Top 10’s, quickly proving himself as a contender in anything he entered. Until season 17, when he went inactive for most of the season, Diego had not finished outside of the top 20 in points in any division. He quickly proved that he was a contender for the AAA championship finishing 3rd in points in only his second AAA season. Diego had a breakout season in Season 13 winning 4 races, yet finishing 15th in points. Continuing this trend of driving hard and winning races, Diego was able to win 3 races each of the next two seasons while finishing 18th and 2nd respectively in points. Many thought that Diego was poised to win it all in Season 15, but he came up just short for his first ever NASRAC championship. Coming off of the heels of that great runner – up season, Diego went on to win the AAA championship just one season later in Season 16. After an inactive season in AAA, where Diego was still able to score 2 wins, Diego was demoted to AA2 for Season 18. He struggled to begin the season, but soon found his groove, making the chase and ending 8th in points. This was just what Diego needed to continue his record breaking career as this points finish allowed him to return to AAA in S19. He had 3 good seasons with a best points finish of 5th making the chase every time but he had a rough S23. At the end of that season, he left X2X for Full Throttle Racing which was just getting it's start in NASRAC. Diego eventually went inactive but returned for S26 & rejoined FTR before he went inactive again.


- Season 16 AAA Champion
- 21 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 6th All-Time)
- 15 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 12th All-Time)
- 82 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 11th All-Time)
- 119 AAA1 T10's (20th All-Time)
- 2 Driver Championships (1 AAA, 1A)
- S17 AAA1 Daytona 500 Winner
- Has never finished outside of the top 20 in points when racing full-time since his career began


18.) JD Newsome, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Eighteen
By: Paul Irvin & updated by Nick DeGroot
JD Newsome started his Nasrac career towards the beginning of Season 7 with Heat Motorsports and finished 5th in the A3 Championship. From there he rose quickly to the AAA level, with a mediocre points finish for Bupp Enterprises with a 25th place finish. From there JD ran 8 more AAA seasons, with a best Chase finish of 5th in Season 14 while owning Newsome Racing. While JD might not have been here for as long as some other Hall of Famers, he has certainly made an impact on the game. He has been a team owner, owning Newsome Racing from Season 12 to Season 15, until he left the game after admitting to cheating. He returned during the season though after Tim Reeve became an administrator and Kevin didn't place any fault on him. JD finished out Season 15 on Newsome Racing, but didn't own the team, and finished 47th in the points. During Season 16, he co-lead Redline Performance Racing with Zach Coleman and Kyle Rowdy Busch. Season 16 was a good season for JD, finishing 9th in the AAA1 points with 2 wins. During the off season, he went back to Bupp but only raced the first third of the season before failing to qualify for races. With this, he was demoted and had to race in the A division for Season 18, the first time not racing in AAA since Season 9.

At the beginning of Season 18, JD led CMS for the first 7 races before becoming just a member. In his first season outside of AAA for a while, JD did quite well, finishing 4th in the points only 36 points off the lead. JD took control of CFM in S19 but only for 8 races. Cody returned & re-took control but JD stayed with the team where he would win his record setting 4th AA title that season. He eventually moved over to Burnout Enterprises in a new leadership role but he wasn't able to stay fully active & decided that he no longer wanted to lead BE. He joined DBR at the start of S25 & will make his return to AAA in S26. JD was decent in his AAA return winning 2 races and finishing 21st in pts. He left DBR at the end of the season to start a brand new team with Cody Johnson called Slip Stream Motorsports. Towards the end of the season, JD stopped setting up and has been inactive on the forums forcing Cody Johnson to fire him from SSM. He hasn't returned since and all efforts to contact him have been to no avail.


- 14 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 18th All-Time)
- 17 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 9th All-Time)
- 46 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 33rd All-Time)
- 98 AAA1 T10's (28th All-Time)
- Winner of the Season 11 AAA1 Brickyard 400 and Season 13 AAA1 Daytona 500
- 9 Driver Championships
- 9 Owner Championships
- Season 14 Team Challenge Championship Owner
- First Driver to Win Both the AA1 and the AA2 Division Titles in the Same Season (Season 10)
- 4x AA champion (2nd All-Time)
- 9x A champion (Most All-Time)
- Most Driver Championships in NASRAC History (13)
- Winningest AA Driver in NASRAC History (51)
- Former Global Moderator
- Former Head of NASRAC Historical Society


19.) Cody Johnson, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season nineteen
By Nick DeGroot:
Cody Johnson first arrived on the NASRAC scene in S12 where he ran 3 races in A9 and scored one top 10. He ran as an indy for most of the S13 A1 season but was picked up by Newsome Racing with 5 races to go. He came home 4th in points that season. Cody then did what he does best in AA. He dominated the whole regular season with 4 wins but he fell back to 9th in the chase. That same season he took home his first 2 A championships in A4 and A5. Cody now found himself in AAA and was ready to go. It ended up being his best AAA season to date. He got his first AAA win at Richmond just before the chase and 2 races later he won at Kansas. He took over Newsome Racing when JD Newsome left after race 8 and he came home 6th in the standings. He got his first AA title that season too. Cody renamed NR Checkered Flag Motorsports as we know it today. JD unexpectedly returned and the team split into Newsome Racing and CFM.

Leading the team seemed to get in the way of Cody's driving on the track as S16 and S17 were his worst AAA seasons. He only scored 1 win in that period of time and finished 45th and 35th in points. The team itself though began to flourish. They had 2 drivers inside the chase in S16 including myself and won multiple races with multiple drivers. Cody turned things around in S18 where he won a race and found himself inside the top 20 in points. He also won his second AA title with kharv29. He left CFM for a very short time in the off season for BE but returned fairly quickly realizing that CFM is where he belonged. He won 2 races, made the chase and ended up 9th in the final standings. The team did amazing and it was arguably the best performance ever by a single team in AAA history. The won the title with a rookie driver, Inclement (never done before) and had the CFM name on half the chase drivers. They nearly swept the AA titles winning AA1 with JD Newsome and narrowly losing AA2 to Mike Finley. Cody was also voted moderator of the season in both S17 and S18.

CFM continued it's dominance under Cody's control winning the TC & KOC in both Season 21 & 22. The CFM leader decided to take a break from NASRAC for S23 but it didn't take him long before he wanted to come back. He came back just 12 races into S23 & ran the rest of the season as an independent before rejoining CFM in S24. He took control of the dying Burnout Enterprises team at the start of S25 & shocked everyone by turning this struggling organization into AAA champions. Flagle won the title for BE while they finished 4th in TC not to far behind 3rd. S26 was a struggle for BE & Cody decided to give Gary P a shot at leading the team. Cody joined forces with former teammate JD Newsome and together they formed Slip Stream Motorsports which made it's debut in Season 27 with a bang winning the Daytona 500. The team also won the Brickyard 400 & placed 1 driver in the chase. Season 28 was arguably Cody's best...he won 2 races and snapped a very long winless strong on his way to a 4th place finish in the standings.

- S19 & S25 AAA1 Owner's Champion
- 6 Driver Championships (2 AA, 4 A)
- 8 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 39th All-Time)
- 9 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 32nd All-Time)
- 57 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 24th All-Time)
- 111 AAA1 T10's (25th All-Time)
- 44 AA Wins (2nd only to JD Newsome)
- Record for highest average finish in a AA2 Season (kharv29)
- Season 20 & 21 Team Challenge and KOC Winning Owner
- Head of NASRAC Historical Society
- Global Moderator


20.) Defender, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twenty
By: Paul Irvin & updated by Nick DeGroot

Defender started racing on 16 July 2009 at the beginning of season seven where he raced as an independent, taking home the A2 championship in his first season. Near the end of season seven, Tim Reeve signed him to TR Motorsports where he raced the entire season eight and finished with eight AA wins and team driver of the year award. Tim promoted him to the X2X lineup as only one of six drivers in the garage for season nine. As a rookie in the highest division, defender finished the season with a sixth place finish in the standings. In only his second season in AAA, he won the season ten championship with three wins, eleven top fives, and fourteen top ten’s. Defender was appointed as Team Leader of X2X Motorsports for season thirteen, becoming only the fifth ever X2X leader after Johnny Williams, Phillip Bupp, Tim Reeve, and Black Mamba. He created team by-laws and an election system that requires team leaders to be elected every-other season. He had been re-elected by his fellow team members each election and until he turned over the team leadership role to Tee611 after season twenty-two, giving him ten seasons as leader. During his tenure as team leader, he delivered results by leading his team towards four AAA1 driver championships with Diego Gonzalez in season sixteen, Marley in season twenty, Shelly1099 in season twenty one, and GStrot in season twenty two, and also had two team challenge championships and a knockout cup as well. He was selected to serve as a Global Moderator during season twenty and inducted into the NASRAC Hall of Fame too. defender then decided to step down as leader of X2X Motorsports that same season stating "I loved leading this team that has some of the most incredibly talented people on it, but I just knew that I was holding someone back by staying in that position." tee611 took control of the team but X2X did not win another AAA title until S26. In Season 26, defender made the shocking decision to quit the game after he felt he was wronged by the moderators when they released him to give some new guys a shot. In his final season in NASRAC, defender finished a solid 14th in points earning his final AAA win at the first Phoenix race.


- 2x Championship Driver (AAA1 and A2)
- 18 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 12th All-Time)
- 21 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 4th All-Time)
- 82 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 11th All-Time)
- 154 AAA1 T10's (11th All-Time)
- 4-time Team Challenge Championship Owner (Most All-Time)
- S22 KOC Championship Owner
- 4x AAA1 Championship Owner
- Daytona 500 Winning Driver (Season 14) and 4-time Winning Owner
- Brickyard 400 Winning Driver (Season 13) and Winning Owner
- Team Leader (X2X Motorsports) Seasons 13 to 22 (10 seasons)
- Former Global Moderator


21.) Whiskey Wagon, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twenty-One
By: Nick DeGroot

Whiskey Wagon. You just say the name and it brings a smile to your face. Every time Whiskey has something to say, he makes you laugh but he can be serious too. This Independent driver has climbed to the top of NASRAC and into the Hall of Fame, and he did it his way with no support from a team. April 25, 2009 Whiskey came across NASRAC while searching for a NASCAR fantasy game on google. Whiskey Wagon raced door-to-door in his early NASRAC days with another future champion, marley. The season 5 A8 champion worked his way up to AAA1 in season 8. He wasn't able to capture the checkered flag as a rookie, but he was able to come home with a solid 14th place points finish. Shortly afterwards, Whiskey made what he called "[his] biggest NASRAC regret:" He joined a team. He joined Y&F Racing for seasons 10 and 11, and had mixed results with the team. Whiskey left the team after season 11, and he told me that he feels he is not considered a "true independent," which is why he continues to drive on proving to everyone that he can do it on his own. In his first season as an Independent, Whiskey won the AAA1 title, and he did it on his own which was a very special for him. Whiskey Wagon nearly won another AAA1 title again in S18, but fell short. In that same season, Whiskey won a AA title with a dupe account, making him the first driver in NASRAC history to win a title in all three divisions Whiskey is indy to this very day & has gotten countless offers from teams every off-season but refuses them all. WW is a true independent.


-1st Triple Crown Champion (Won Titles in AAA, AA & A)
-9 AAA1 wins (Tied for 33rd All-Time)
-24 AAA1 poles (Tied for 2nd All-Time)
-65 AAA1 T5's (Tied for 18th All-Time)
-144 AAA1 T10's (12th All-Time)


22.) Shelly1099, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twenty-Two
By: Nick DeGroot

Shelly joined NASRAC at the start of S5. In her first season, she was able to win 3 races and end up 9th in A4 points. That season, she had signed with Y&F and stayed there all the way through season 10. During her time at Y&F, shelly was able to win the S8 AAA1 Daytona 500 and make the AAA1 chase 3 out of 4 seasons. Shelly joined X2X in S11 which is where she still is today. Since then, she has added 2 more Daytona 500 trophy's to her list of accomplishments in S16 and S20. Shelly's stats are amazing throughout her whole career. She has won 14 AAA1 races which puts her 8th on the All-Time Wins list. Along with all those wins she won the title by just a single point in S21 and followed that up with a 3rd in S22. Along with the amazing AAA1 resume, shelly also has a AA title that she won in S13 along with 5 wins. Shelly also said "If I had to pick one thing that means more to me than anything, it would be my AAA Championship. I finally felt like I really belonged in NASRAC." She made the decision to quit the game with her husband tee after their teammate defender felt he was wronged by the moderators when they released him to give some new guys a shot. In her final season in NASRAC, shelly1099 made the chase, finished a solid 10th in points earning 2 more AAA wins; her last at Michigan.


- S21 AAA1 Champion
- 21 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 6th All-Time)
- 19 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 6th All-Time)
- 82 AAA1 Top 5's (Tied for 11th All-Time)
- 156 AAA1 Top 10's (10th All-Time)
- 3x AAA1 Daytona 500 Champion (S8, S16, S20)


23.) Tee611, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twenty-Three
By: Nick DeGroot

Tee joined NASRAC as a rookie in season 3 learning the game on his own running as an independent. Then Y&F picked him up for season 4. Things were looking good for Tee & his relationship with Y&F immediatly taking home a title in AA2 advancing to the big leagues for season 5. He won 2 races in his rookie AAA1 season coming home 22nd in points. He followed that up with a 5th place points finish in season 6 & he picked up his 3rd career AAA1 win at the Coke 600 which tee calls "the biggest win of his career." Things suddenly went down hill from there though. tee went winless in S7 & S8 and his 36th place points finish in S8 got tee demoted back to the AA ranks. He did advance back to AAA1 after just 1 season but he once again went without a win ending the season 27th in the standings. After 7 total seasons with Y&F, tee left & joined the elite X2X team for S11 and remains there to this day. S11 was much better winning 3 races. With X2X, tee added 8 more AAA1 wins to his resume totaling 18 which is 6th all-time. Season 23 was a very important season for tee as he would take control of X2X from long-time leader defender who stepped down. He won 4 AAA1 races which is more than he ever had in a single AAA1 season ending up 7th in points. Off track, he was named NASRAC's newest mod & HOF'er. In Season 26 tee made the shocking decision to quit the game with his wife shelly after their teammate defender felt he was wronged by the moderators when they released him to give some new guys a shot. In his final season in NASRAC, tee611 finished a solid 15th in points earning 1 last AAA win at Kansas before his retirement.


- 22 AAA1 wins (5th All-Time)
- 25 AAA1 poles (1st All-Time)
- 97 AAA1 top 5's (Tied for 6th All-Time)
- 179 AAA1 top 10's (7th All-Time)
- S4 AA2 champion
- Former Global Moderator
- Season 26 TC, KOC & AAA1 Owner Champion

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Re: ***Hall of Fame Driver/Owner Biographies***

Postby Nick » Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:59 am

24.) marley, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twenty-Four
By: Nick DeGroot

marley joined NASRAC in Season 5 after seeing something about it on the GPRO forums. He was on the X2X dev. team at the start of Season 9 (Sith Racing) & he was moved to X2X itself right before the chase began. He was surprised that he was asked to join X2X saying "I did not think I was doing all that well in the game to be approached to join a team." marley has been there ever since & has proven that he belongs. He made the chase the first three seasons of his AAA career in a row racking up 4 wins & 2 top 5 points finishes. marley's by far biggest achievement was winning the AAA1 championship in S20. That was statistically, the best season of his AAA career too. marley is a very deserving HOF member & had this to say about winning that title: "I have been in quite a few chases now and to have won 1 championship is a fantastic achievement. With so many very good managers in a group of 40 managers and to end up on top is like climbing up Mt. Everest but when you make it the feeling is amazing." In S27, marley surpassed Kashvinder Mann on the all-time wins list putting him 2nd only to Kevin Minnelli.

- 28 AAA1 wins (2nd All-Time)
- 4 AAA1 poles (Tied for 67th All-Time)
- 106 AAA1 T5's (2nd All-Time)
- 199 AAA1 T10's (1st All-Time)
- S22 AA1 Champion


25.) RangerRic, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twenty-Five
By: Nick DeGroot

RangerRic was a struggling GPRO player looking for a better online racing managerial game. He found it in NASRAC but after a rough rookie season running as an independent in S10, RR was beginning to think that he had gotten in way over his head. Following his rough start, he was contacted by the owner of Redline, Kyle-Rowdy-Busch & was invited to join the team. RangerRic immediately saw improvement finishing 5th in points & capturing the checkered flag 8 times in his respective A division that season. RR had made it to the AA's but found out very quickly how hard the AA divisions can be for a new guy. After 2 AA seasons, he had 1 win & a best pts finish of 16th but he turned it around big time winning the AA1 title in season 14 earning his way into AAA.

He struggled his first season but he did win a race. RangerRic took control of Redline a few seasons later & lead them to their first AAA championship in S18. It was just the second time in NASRAC history that an owner won the AAA title for his team. He continued to win races every season after that title & then season 24 would prove to be a big season for the champ. RangerRic did something that only 3 other people have ever done before; he won a 2nd AAA championship. That would all but solidify him as a future HOF'er & just 1 season later; here I am writing his HOF Bio. S25 wasn't all good for RR & the RPR team though. His TL went inactive & then his replacement TL went inactive as well. Before he knew it, he only had a few members left & the team fell to last in the TC prompting RangerRic to make the tough decision to close the doors on one of the oldest teams in NASRAC. The 2x AAA champion started a new venture with CFM in S26 and he finished 3rd in points. Redline has been resurrected after the once mighty Checkered Flag Motorsports fell at the end of the season. RR took over what was left, renamed it RPR & jopes to lead this team back to its former glory. In the last 5 seasons, RangerRic has just one finish outside the top 5 in points which is a spectacular record and only solidifies his place as a HOF caliber racer.


- 2x AAA Championship Driver & Owner (S18 & S24)
- 18 AAA1 wins (Tied for 12th All-Time)
- 12 AAA1 poles (Tied for 16th All-Time)
- 84 AAA1 Top 5's (10th All-Time)
- 139 AAA1 Top 10's (15th All-Time)
- Season 14 AA1 champion
- 2x Brickyard 400 Winner (S17 & S18)
- Leader of Redline Performance Racing for 10+ seasons


26.) RacerX, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twenty-Six
By: Nick DeGroot

RacerX is the first member inducted into the NASRAC HOF that wasn't a team owner or a AAA champion since Aaron Bean way back in Season 10. If luck was a little kinder to this veteran racer, we could be calling him a 3x AAA champion right now. X's first race was in June of 2009 at Chicagoland in A9 where he finished 20th. He went winless that season but followed it up by winning 2 A1 races on his way to a 5th place points finish in Season 7. RacerX didn't so anything spectacular in AA but it was enough to get him promoted to the pinnacle of NASRAC for Season 9....AAA1. The rookie racer joined Tim Reeve Motorsports which would soon be renamed Sith Racing.

X did not disappoint but he did end the season disappointed...Going into Homestead the AAA rookie had almost a full race worth of points over 3rd & 2nd place clouse wasn't much of a threat throughout the chase. Some already were crowning him the champion in their minds but the title slipped through his fingers. A bad race cost him the crown & even 2nd in the standings as he would officially finish 3rd only a few out of the lead shocking the NASRAC community. RacerX wouldn't get another shot at the championship for another 12 seasons. At the end of S16 after a horrible season, he was demoted back to AA but returned to the big leagues 1 soon after. Michael Finley took control of Sith Racing in Season 19 & X decided to remain with the team.

He barely escaped demotion in S20 while his team around him collapsed. Finley gave up the dying team & handed it over to the DeGroot Brothers. (Ed & Nick) The team was re-born and X returned to his championship ways as he battled head-to-head with X2X'er shelly1099 for the title. He won his 2nd Brickyard 400 & was ready for that first championship but it slipped through his fingers yet again. This time by a single point which was the closest margin of victory in AAA history. At the conclusion of S22, RacerX decided to join the legendary X2X Motorsports team. He has never missed the chase since joining the greatest team in NASRAC history & came oh so close to that illusive AAA championship two more times. He dominated S24 pulling out to a massive lead before the chase but it all fell apart when the chase began. The very next season, he was runner-up to Flagle by a mere 16pts. In S28, the margin was 23pts and he was 3rd...yet another title just out of his reach. With the way he runs, it's only a matter of time before X gets to celebrate a AAA championship. It is simply a matter of when.

- 21 AAA1 wins (Tied for 6th All-Time)
- 19 AAA1 poles (Tied for 6th All-Time)
- 110 AAA1 Top 5's (1st All-Time)
- 193 AAA1 Top 10's (Tied for 5th All-Time)
- Most Chase Berths of All-Time (14)
- 2x Brickyard 400 Winner (S9 & S21)


27.) KingLemmie, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twenty-Seven
By: Nick DeGroot

KingLemmie joined NASRAC back in Season 5 finishing 10th in the A10 standings. The next season, he would finish a solid 7th in A3 winning his first NASRAC race. He would finally join his first team for Season 7 in the form of Front Runners United which was used a developmental team of sorts for X2X Motorsports. Tim Reeve was in control of it. In Season 8, Lemmie was promoted to X2X but would only spend half a season there before he was released for poor performance by Reeve. (Tim took control of X2X when Johnny vanished part way through S8) Lemmie quickly found another team in Bupp Enterprises. He would win 2 races in his rookie AAA season and stayed with BE all the way through Season 14. They won 7 races together & were so close to the AAA championship in Season 12 finishing 2nd, 52pts back. That is about the equivalent of 13pts with today's system. He then joined Henderson Racing where he would remain through Season 20. He quickly became their flagship driver making the chase 4 seasons in a row and winning 7 races. He then returned to X2X for the next two seasons where he would struggle winning just 1 race ending up 23rd & 24th in the standings. He moved again at the end of Season 22; this time to DeGroot Brothers Racing. He found himself inside the 20's again at season's end but things picked up in Season 24 when he finished 4th in the standings. He posted mixed results for the three season's following with finishes of 21st, 8th & 35th in the point standings. Towards the end of Season 27, the King announced that he was taking a break from NASRAC saying he was just "worn out" but plans to come back some day. Lemmie has won 17 races, has been in AAA for 20 straight seasons & made the chase in 8 of them. The King returned in S29 & the community is happy to have him back!


- 17 AAA1 Wins (15th All-Time)
- 12 AAA1 Poles (Tied For 16th All-Time)
- 97 AAA1 Top 5's (Tied For 6th All-Time)
- 195 AAA1 Top 10's (4th All-Time)
- 2x Brickyard 400 Winner (S16 & S23)


28.) Alex Cieslarczyk, Hall of Fame Inductee, Season Twenty-Eight
By: Nick DeGroot
Alex made his NASRAC debut in Season 6 winning two races and finishing 3rd in points before going inactive for about 9 months. In Season 12, he returned and has been a fixture in the game ever since. He joined the now defunct 1Up/Bailey team and after a decent season in A1, he moved up to AA. He also became a TL that season but in a very unusual way. He was one of 5 leaders at Speed of Light Racing along with Bobby Bailey, Joffrey Gaetz, Paul Irvin Jr and Tim Reeve. By the end of the season, he had a AAA1 owner's title under his belt courtesy of Tim Reeve before moving up to AAA1 himself. He left SLR before his debut in the top division and joined Bupp Enterprises; one of the more historic NASRAC teams. He was very impressive winning a race and finishing 6th in points; the only rookie to do so in Season 14. On December 9th, 2010 he joined the mod team and became a TL again prior to the commencement of Season 16. This time it was at BE and just like SLR, the team quickly found success with Alex at the helm as he scored his second AAA1 owner's championship when Djv2448 took home the crown in Season 17. In Season 18, Alex became the main leader at Bupp Enterprises and renamed the team Burnout Enterprises keeping the BE acronym. Robert Hendershot won the Daytona 500 one season later for BE and Flagle delivered Alex's team another big win when he took the checkered flag in the Season 20 Brickyard 400.

Although Alex Cieslarczyk the owner found lots of success, Alex Cieslarczyk the driver struggled to find his footing. In the 8 seasons following his impressive rookie season, Alex failed to make the chase and only collected three more wins. Season 20 was a big season for him off the track as he became a NASRAC administrator; just the 3rd person in the history of the game to ever hold that prestigious title. Alex decided he was done leading and handed BE over to fellow HOF'er JD Newsome before joining Checkered Flag Motorsports in Season 21. Alex was by no means done leading though as he took command of CFM in Season 23 with Trevor Sells by his side. He spent that season in AA after being demoted but quickly worked his way back to the big leagues in time for Season 24. When he returned to AAA, his success in the division immediately improved making the chase for the first time in 10 seasons ending up 9th. He captured his second Brickyard 400 as an owner in Season 25 with Stolley101 behind the wheel and found moderate success as a driver too. He relinquished leadership of CFM at the end of Season 26 and joined DeGroot Brothers Racing. Alex ripped off 9 top 5's and 13 top 10's in route to a career high 3rd place finish in the standings that season coming 38pts short of the championship which was easily the best season of his career. He remains with DBR to this day. In Season 28, he became a AA championship and also won his second A division title. Alex is a solid driver that quietly gets the job done finishing inside the top 20 in the standings in 9 of his 13 seasons. His owner statistics are very impressive and include 2 Brickyard 400's, a Daytona 500 and two AAA1 championships with two different teams. As an administrator, he has led NASRAC through its roughest time when membership was free-falling and the mod team was at each other's throats every week. He led the community through the rough patches though and his patience has paid dividends as membership is now beginning to slowly rise and the mod team is now a solid group of five veterans that work together with no issues. We may crack jokes about how we all forget about you Alex but we all know what you do for this game and we thank you for your passion and dedication.


- 2x AAA1 Championship Winning Owner (S13 & S17)
- 7 AAA1 Wins (Tied for 47th All-Time)
- 10 AAA1 Poles (Tied for 27th All-Time)
- 50 AAA1 T5's (29th All-Time)
- 118 AAA1 T10's (Tied for 21st All-Time)
- S28 AA2 Champion & 2x A Division Champion
- NASRAC Administrator (1 of Only 3 in Game History)

#89 DeGroot Brothers Racing Chevy
10 Titles, 151 wins, 86 Poles, 684 T5, 977 T10
A: 5 Titles_83 Wins_54 Poles_395 T5_479 T10
AA: 5 Titles_56 Wins_23 Poles_223 T5_371 T10
AAA: 0 Titles_12 Wins_9 Poles_66 T5_127 T10
21x Championship Winning Owner (A-11, AA-7, AAA-3)

S24 Coke 600 Winner
S26 Brickyard 400 Winner
S28 Southern 500 Winner

2x PTW Champion
S25 DBR HOF Inductee
Most AA Titles All-Time (5)
Most AA Wins All-Time (56)
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