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Series Promotion & Demotion Guidelines

Postby Tim » Fri Jan 14, 2011 9:08 pm

Series Demotion/Promotion::
AA to AAA:

In order to be promoted to AAA from one of the two AA divisions, you must finish in the top 12 in your division. Any driver with a duplicate account in AA that gets promoted to AAA must speak up and point out the mistake. Up to 24 drivers will be promoted.

In order to remain in the AAA division, you must either finish in the top 30 in points, have a duplicate that made an AA chase, be the first NASRAC Hall of Fame member outside of the top 30, or be the first former AAA champion outside the top 30. A driver will not be able to save himself from demotion in consecutive seasons by making the AA1 or AA2 Chase with a duplicate account. Being "saved" means that you were in AAA and did not meet the first criteria for retention (finish in the top 30 in points), but made an AA chase with a duplicate. To be eligible for the Past Champion's Provisional or the Hall of Fame Provisional, you must compete in a minimum of 33 of the 36 races in that season. Also, you may only use each provisional once every 3 NASRAC seasons. If the field does not reach 43 from these above criteria, drivers finishing 31st-40th will be used as needed to reach a field of 43. If the field is still short of 43, additional non-duplicate drivers from AA may be promoted. The approximate AAA field size will be 43-50. Additionally, one former AAA champion in a lower series may qualify for a promotion straight to AAA if their last season was within 5 seasons and they finished in the top 30 in that season. The driver will also sacrifice the use of the normal champion's provisional for the next 3 seasons.

AAA Promotion/Retention Criteria Order
1. Finish Top 30 in points in AAA
2. Qualify for the AA1 or AA2 Chase with a main or multiple account.
3. Past Champions' Provisional/Hall of Fame Provisional
4 (if necessary). Finish 31st-40th in points in AAA
5 (if necessary). Be one of the highest points-earning drivers outside of the AA1 and AA2 Chases (Main accounts/multiples of non-AAA drivers only)

A to AA:

If you run all the races (or miss no more than 3 races) in your division in A, and your division has more than 12 races, then you will be promoted to AA.

In order to stay in the AA division while not being promoted to AAA, you must run at least 30 races and not be one of the top 12. If you finish in the top 12 in your division, you will be promoted, unless you are a multiple account. If you miss more than 6 races, you will be demoted to A or retired.
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